Introduction to Functions (part 1)

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Writing functions well

Activity: Largest digit within an integer value

Graded Playground Autograder

Activity Prompt:

In this problem, you will use a combination of iteration, the modulo operator, and the division operator to extract the individual digits comprising an integer value. During this process, you will keep track of the largest digit you have observed. At the end of the process, you will return the largest digit to the caller.

You will write your solution to this problem within the body of LargestDigit. I understand that we haven't discussed functions in detail yet. You need to know that our auto-grader will invoke your implementation (the code within the function body) of LargestDigit with different arguments that will become stored in the parameter number. Your solution should be written with respect to number.

To summarize, you are to find the largest digit within number. For example, if our auto-grader calls LargestDigit(1234), your solution should return 4. Likewise, for LargestDigit(784), your implementation would return 8.

You will define LargestDigit in You can test your implementation in by calling LargestDigit with different arguments.

Consider only the cases where the parameter number is greater than or equal to zero.

#include <iostream> int LargestDigit(int number); int main() { std::cout << LargestDigit(787) << std::endl; std::cout << LargestDigit(567) << std::endl; }
int LargestDigit(int number) { // author your solution here }