learncpp.online was created by Michael Nowak with contributions from the CS 128 course staff. This website is supported by resources provided by the Computer Science Department at the University of Illinois.


We originally developed the lessons and exercises provided here for CS 128, an introductory computer science course at the University of Illinois. CS 128 breaks from traditional collegiate lectures by delivering course content through a series of asynchronous daily lessons available on-demand through our course website. Each lesson introduces new material through a combination of text, video, and interactive walkthroughs. Our students find interactive coding exercises interspersed throughout most lessons, which are designed to reinforce the material that they have been learning about.

On learncpp.online, only the lesson videos and activities (in read-only format) are presently available. We plan to deploy the interactive components of CS 128 here soon.

Use and Contributing

All the materials provided here may be freely used by anyone—including independent learners, and in support of other introductory computer science courses. You can find the official attribution license here.

If you’d like to use these materials for your course, please get in touch, since we are developing features to support instructors and would appreciate your input.